Experts in Small to Medium Business

Here at the World, we understand Business Travel. It is vital that you are on the most direct route, utilizing the best fares, with the ability to change plans easily, whilst ensuring all the paperwork is in order.   

Value is important, and we understand that you don’t have time to trawl through reams of information. You can trust us to do that and provide you with the best option. We check and ensure your room will have wi-fi,  24 hours room service,  and amenities that are important to you. Your travel will attract points where possible, we know your loyalty clubs, your preferences,  get your correct seating, possible upgrades, and meal requirements. We care enough to ensure that you will make the connections, and not arrive home completely exhausted. We have been known to remind our clients about anniversaries and birthdays.

We run our own Qantas Corporate Club that offers our clients savings on joining and renewal. We can help you out at renewal, even if you didn’t start with us.    

We work for our clients, not the airlines: The beauty of being truly independent allows us to investigate all airlines to make the best choices. We are not subject to any airline directive and can mix and match as we see fit. Often a combination may be the better fare choice,  we make sure you have that option.

We operate on the best fare of the day. There are no shallow discount promises, we give you the right price and if at a time of ticketing it is cheaper you get the benefit.    

Our systems are state of the art, all backed up off site, protecting your privacy at all times. We can arrange for your own booking engine, that we manage for you and are able to access remotely so in times of emergency you will talk to one of our team.

Experienced in Conferencing, staff incentives, area meetings, and of course holidays for hard workers.

100% compliant with all government licensing, required insurances, industry bodies, and correct data storage.