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If you’re interested in the kind of travel that subverts the expected and leaves room for experiences that locals would actually want to take part in - why not try a "second city"? The phrase “second cities” is often used to refer to a city with the second-highest population in a country; however when used to describe an approach to travel, it means any city that might not be the first or most obvious choice for foreign tourists, but still offers the culture, food, charm, and attractions that travelers seek when they go abroad.

There are countless destinations that fall into this category. For example, instead of heading to Mexico City try Guadalajara, instead of Rome head to Milan, Porto rather than Lisbon. Alternatively why not fly into Lyon instead of Paris, skip Dublin and start in Cork or make for Cordoba rather than Buenos Aires.


In this series we are discovering how to make the most out of these "Second cities". We trust that these will inspire you to change the way you think about travel




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